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Institute of social work and managment
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Deputy of director of education and methodical work, candidate of psyhological science, senior lector



Derictor of the Institute
doctor of pedadogogic science, pro professor



Social pedagogy
- Bachelor of social pedagogic
- Specialist of social pedagogic
- Master of social pedagogic
- Practical psychology
- Legal protection
- Teacher of social-pedagogic subjects

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Deputy of director of social-
educational work,
candidate of pedagogic science,


                Master class of social work

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Social work
- Bachelor of social work
- Specialist  - social worker
- Master of social work

-   Practycal psyhology

-   Lagal protection
-   Managment of social work







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  Now in Institute study 903 students,
including 72 specialists, 102 master's


Research school of A.Kapska


Department of Social pedagogics

  Operates 15 years and approved
as a scientific center in
Ukraine on social and educational
science, in department is a scientific school. Chief is a professor A.Kapska


Department of theory and technology of social work

Work since 2003 year,prepares bachelors, speciialist and masters on specilycity "Social work", "Managment of social sphere", "Social pedagogy". There are 11 teachers at departament.
Chief of department is a doctor of pedagogic science O.Karpenko

 The roundtable  "Problems
of technology of social work"

Department of directions psychology and psychology of manage
Started its development in professional activities by September 1, 2003. The chief of department is  a candidate of psychological science ,docent O.Melnychuk. 

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In the department operates
psychological training club Caerus, head teacher.
V. Zelenin

Training classes "Emotions".
Chief of it is a candidate of psychologic science L. Volnova

Department of social and legal protection
 The Chief is candidate of pedagogic. science, docent I.Kovchyna. Department is  provides prepare to work in social and legal protection for various categories of population.


There is work  Human Rights Defenders school
Head teacher is O. Kabanets

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The Institute is continuing grow!

During the period 2004-2008 years teachers were reserve 5 doctoral and 13 master's theses, as well as prepared and published 5 monographs, 102 books and manuals, and 32 specialized collections of scientific works,  50 teaching materials, 290 topics.